October 11, 2016 – Going after the former Peruvian president: Political cleanup or new stance against high-level corruption?


Most Relevant News of the Day: After merely two months and a half of leaving office, former Peruvian president Ollanta Humala is included in a money laundering criminal investigation against former first lady Nadine Heredia, in relation to campaign funds received for the 2006 and 2011 elections.


Other news in the continent today:


Argentina Governor of Buenos Aires dissolves police department involved in managing the institution’s budget, and transfers responsibilities to the State’s Ministry of Security.


Bolivia Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Cruz brings charges against Governor Rubén Costas for embezzlement dating 2007.


Opposition and opinion leaders express their worries for the state of freedom of speech and other democratic principles in the country.


Brazil Procurator’s Office brings charges against former president Lula and ten businessmen for alleged bribery scheme in relation to projects in Angola.


Costa Rica Parties in Congress announce project that would eliminate the requirement to prove campaign expenses to the Electoral Tribunal in next elections.


Members of the Costa Rican Futbol Federation are considering to demand Rodolfo Villalobos, president of the Federation, to step down while irregularities involving former president Eduardo Li are investigated.


Ecuador Trial against former president of the Ecuatorian Futbol Federation, Luis Chiriboga, for money laundering began today.


El Salvador Prosecutors search the offices of Colombian company AGM for irregular procurement of $49.6 millions worth of LED bulbs conducted by three city halls.


Guatemala In smuggling and corruption case El Bodegón, judge orders detention of two implicated and releases other nine until trial.


Guyana Public consultation on the Witness Protection and Protected Disclosures (Whistleblower) Bills 2016 was held at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown.


Auditor General expands probe on irregular $100 million procurement of communication radio sets conducted by the Guyana Elections Commisssion (GECOM) for the 2015 elections, now to include other transactions.


Honduras More members of the Honduran military are being investigated in United States for their links with drug cartels.


Congress debates this week the Law on Financing, Transparency and Control of Political Campaigns.


Former judiciary official, Marlene Suyapa Pérez Valle, says she was fired for investigating alleged corruption involving Teodor Bonilla, vice-president of the Council of the Judiciary.


Mexico Audit finds irregularities in the administration of mayor of Santiago Tuxtla (Veracruz), Claudia Acompa, who has been questioned for her lavish expenses.


Nicaragua Sandinista party FSLN orders cancellation of radio news program Hoy for criticizing the government.


Panama Prosecutor’s Office plans to present appeal to reverse the sentence that brought an end to the money laundering case against 14 people connected to former judge Alejandro Moncada Luna, some of whom were part of the inner circle of former president Ricardo Martinelli.


Paraguay Official of the National Institute of Rural and Land Development (INDERT), Julián Armando Díaz Solís, is found in posesssion of 100 acres in Guahory that were irregularly obtained.


Peru Prosecutor Germán Juárez includes former president Ollanta Humala in money laundering investigation against former first lady Nadine Heredia.


Anticorruption prosecutor Janis Sánchez begins investigation against former presidential advisor, Carlos Moreno, after two audios released by the media involve him in corrupt dealings.


Uruguay Despite court sentence, Central Bank of Uruguay keeps in their positions two officials hired through irregular processes, one of whom is the daughter of a senior officer of the Bank.


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