Loiber Rocha, mayor of Curimaná

  • Entry ID: [fyope]
  • Date: December 7, 2016
  • Country: Peru
  • Case Name: Loiber Rocha, mayor of Curimaná
  • Description:

    The National Electoral Jury (JNE) revoked for the 4th time the credentials of Curimaná mayor, Loiber Rocha Pinedo, who is under trial for corruption charges. Councilor Delsy Vera takes Rocha’s place. The JNE have had to repeatedly revisit the issue as Rocha was released and detained several times by court orders.

  • Source:
  • Type: Corruption
  • Potential impact on popular perceptions: 5
  • Direction of impact: Neutral/Uncertain
  • Sector (general): Public
  • Sub-type: *Corruption (general)
  • Range: Local
  • Level: Middle level actors
  • Amount: *Unknown
  • Legality: Criminal act
  • Actors involved in wrongdoing: Incumbent (Local Administration)
  • Page: Inside
  • Relevance: Secondary Article

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