Odebrecht in Panama

  • Entry ID: [j3d03]
  • Date: March 27, 2017
  • Country: Panama
  • Case Name: Odebrecht in Panama
  • Description:

    Odebrecht was granted a contract in 2013 to install an Electric Transmission Line in Panama and was granted the right to negotiate and pay for easement rights (a right reserved for the State). Original easement awards were calculated to be for US$7 Million, but payments have been awarded for over US$50 Million

  • Source: Unofficial
  • Type: Corruption
  • Potential impact on popular perceptions: 4
  • Direction of impact: Unfavorable
  • Sector (general): Public
  • Sector (specific): Extractive, Energy and Utilities
  • Activity: Procurement and Concessions
  • Sub-type: Bribery (collusion)
  • Range: National
  • Network scale: Medium (15~)
  • Level: High level actors
  • Amount: Grand corruption
  • Legality: Administrative misconduct
  • Actors involved in wrongdoing: Incumbent + former (Executive Branch, Local Administration)
  • Page: Front
  • Relevance: Main Article

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