• Entry ID: [gh75u]
  • Date: December 6, 2016
  • Country: Peru
  • Case Name: Odebrecht
  • Description:

    As Odebrecht plea bargain has just been concluded, there is much interest in knowing what it reveals about the involvement of the Humala administration in acts of corruption with the Brazilian group.

  • Source:
  • Type: Corruption
  • Potential impact on popular perceptions: 6
  • Direction of impact: Neutral/Uncertain
  • Sector (general): Public
  • Sub-type: Bribery (collusion)
  • Range: International
  • Level: High level actors
  • Amount: Grand corruption
  • Legality: Criminal act
  • Actors involved in wrongdoing: Former (Executive Branch)
  • Page: Front
  • Relevance: Tertiary Article

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