Castañeda & Río Verde project

  • Entry ID: [2lbsf]
  • Date: December 5, 2016
  • Country: Peru
  • Case Name: Castañeda & Río Verde project
  • Description:

    In conversation with the TV news program Cuarto Poder, Mayor of Lima Luis Castañeda Lossio defended former manager Giselle Zegarra in relation to her coordinating the annulment of the Río Verde project, saying that there were no irregularities.

  • Source:
  • Type: Corruption
  • Potential impact on popular perceptions: 5
  • Direction of impact: Unfavorable
  • Sector (general): Public
  • Sub-type: *Corruption (general)
  • Range: Local
  • Level: High level actors
  • Amount: Grand corruption
  • Legality: *Unknown
  • Actors involved in wrongdoing: Incumbent (Local Administration)
  • Page: Inside
  • Relevance: Tertiary Article

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